Zhezkazgan Baikonurov University is the center of education, science and culture in the boundless Zhezkazgan region, which is the heart of Sary-Arka, Central Kazakhstan.

The main mission of the university is to give a high-quality education to every young man in accordance with his abilities and needs of society, training of competitive specialists taking into account the demands of the labor market.

For a short period of its history, our university not only successfully solved the tasks assigned to it in accordance with the dictates of the times, but also reached great heights in the sphere of education and science.

Our university signed the Great Charter of Universities in 2010 and entered the CommonEducation Space along with other leading educational institutions of the world.

The university has 2 institutes (the Humanities and Pedagogical Institute and the Mining and Technology Institute), which train specialists in 29 bachelor's programs and 3 master degree programs.

Zhezkazgan University has highly professional scientific and teaching staff.

The university has 10 departments, the Academic Council and the university administration, which ensure the implementation of the strategic objectives of the university in the educational process, the program of research and development, and the support of internationally significant technical and educational projects that meet the socio-economic needs of the region.

All conditions have been created for students to undergo professional and job internships in the local government structures, administrating authorities, in the Kazakhmys Corporation, at enterprises of large, medium and small business, and other institutions.

During the 50-year history of the fruitful activity of the university, more than 40 thousand specialists received a quality education and act for the benefit of a sovereign state, and also successfully work in enterprises and organizations all over the world.

Zhezkazgan University systematically conducts research in the following areas: the study of environmental problems of the Zhezkazgan region, the introduction of new technologies in production, ethnocultural, ethno-pedagogical, historical and cultural development of the Zhezkazgan region, socio-economic and legal problems and many others.

The University students participate in national student competitions, contests, and conferences.

The university adopted the concept of educational work. To implement the concept, measures are taken in the following areas: social, legal and political education of students, patriotic and international cultivation of personality, cultural and aesthetic development, as well as ethnocultural upbringing of students.

Work is carried out with students in the dormitory; activities are carried out to promote a healthy lifestyle, the development of various sports.

A lot of work is being done on the social protection of students in ZhezU. A sustainable system for social support of faculty members and staff was built by the university administration. Material assistance is provided to students and staff; funds are allocated for mass sports and cultural events. Rector of the University allocates funds for scholarships and additional grants for training.

In order to comply with international educational standards, in the 2003-2004 academic year, the university introduced a credit system for training bachelor and master degrees, and in 2012 implemented distance learning technologies.

Modern educational technologies were introduced in the process of training specialists, a computerized teaching and laboratory complex was created. Theuniversityuseseducationalresearchandappliedcomputerprograms.


Welcome to Zhezkazgan Baikonurov University!

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