Geological Museum

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«Kazakhstan is a country of great natural contrasts» wrote Academician K. I. Satpayev.

Kazakhstan today is also one of the few states of the world that have a unique mineral resource base. According to a review of the global mining industry, in Kazakhstan, out of 55 types of mineral raw materials (including 29 types of metals), 39 (23 types of metals) are mined. In terms of the quantity and quality of many types of mineral raw materials, the republic has indicators that significantly exceed the world average.

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The rapid development of industry led to the development of geological science and the increase the number of various geological institutions that formed their own collections. Today, the expositions of many geological (and not only) museums of Russia and the world are decorated with exhibits whose homeland is the richest bowels of Kazakhstan. These are magnificent dendrites of native copper of Zhezkazgan, Druze rock crystal Aktas, cubes of pyrites Akchatau, unique crystals of dioptase Altyn-Tobe, jasper of Rudny Altai, Central Kazakhstan and much more.

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In 2005, on the basis of the Zhezkazgan Baikonurov University was opened a geological museum.

The museum is based on the best collection material, the best samples of ores and minerals.

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The Fund of the Geological Museum has about 400 samples of minerals, rocks and ores. The museum presents 11 names of geological maps with sections of various mineral deposits of Kazakhstan.

Spectacular samples of minerals and ores are exhibited in the windows of the mineral collection, which give a complete view of the wealth of the subsoil of the Zhezkazgan-Ulytau region, the geological diversity of planet Earth and simply the beauty of the stone.

At the end of the windows of the mineral collection, there is a unique collection of Kazakhstani agates. On the curbstones of the auditorium are large-sized samples of ores and minerals from various deposits.

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In the same auditorium there are models, posters, maps, photographs that clearly explain many geological processes.

Employees of the geological museum are constantly improving and replenishing the collection of ores and minerals.

The museum is located in the Main Building of Zhezkazgan Baikonurov University,

Zhezkazgan, Alashahan Ave., 1B.

Room 401, Building B.