The most important event in the history of our region was the formation in 1973 of the Dzhezkazgan region. Formation was not easy. There were not enough housing, administrative buildings, personnel, etc. And in these incredibly difficult conditions, the regional leadership sets the task of opening a pedagogical institute in Dzhezkazgan. It was a far-sighted, strategic decision, which determined the future of the region in many ways.

On April 29, 1975, the Council of Ministers of the USSR signed Decree No. 345 on the opening of a pedagogical institute in Dzhezkazgan. On June 2, 1975, a joint resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kazakhstan and the Council of Ministers of the Kazakh SSR on the opening of the Dzhezkazgan Pedagogical Institute was issued. By the order of the Minister of Education of the Kazakh SSR No.76 of June 8, 1975, I.I.Belogrivov was appointed rector of the institute. In 1975, in the Dzhezkazgan region, which is far from cultural and scientific centers, an admission of students to the philological and physical-mathematical faculties was announced.

With gratitude, today we call the names of I.I. Belogrivov, the first rector of the institute, Sh.Yu. Tastanov, the first doctor of sciences at the institute, Maken Suleymenovich Bekturov, who headed the pedagogical institute for 18 years. Thanks to his perseverance, ability to get along with people, intelligence, a team of like-minded people who love and value their work was created.

The last rector of the pedagogical institute was Ural Tutkabayevich Abdrakhimov, who had to unite two different institutes and find the right direction in the activities of the new team of the Zhezkazgan Baikonurov University.

It is necessary to note the role of the vice-rectors of the pedagogical institute: G.K. Zhunusova, T.S. Sadykova, V.I. Verkhova, V.G.Tsoy, E.V. Zweiman, K.Zh. Zhumagaliyev and others.

Time rushes forward. Today we want to say about those who are no longer alive. This is Vice-Rector for academic work Z.A. Akhmedin, First Dean of the faculty of physics and mathematics A.E. Zelinsky, First Dean of the faculty of art and graphics Bakytzhan Zhakupovich Shakhanov, secretary of the party organization, senior lecturer of Department of History E.A. Aslyaliyev, head of the department “Fine Arts and Drawing” Zh.T. Maylin. And also, the former deputy chairman of the Regional Executive Committee of Soviets of People’s Deputies A.A. Rakhimzhanov and the former head of the regional university K.Sh. Shingisov who made a huge contribution to the establishment of the pedagogical institute. We cherish the memory of them!

As you know, at the beginning the pedagogical institute consisted of two faculties: philological and physical and mathematical.

The Faculty of Philology graduated students in the specialities "Russian Language and Literature", "Russian Language and Literature with an additional speciality "Pedagogy", "German Language". The first dean and head of the department of Russian language and literature was associate professor G.K. Dzhunusova. It took fourteen years for the department of Kazakh language and literature to be opened at the philological department, headed by M.Kh. Khamzin.

At the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, which was headed by Associate Professor U.M. Mynbaev, from the very day of its foundation, a lot of work was done to organize the educational process, equip laboratories, and purchase literature. New departments were created at the faculty.

In the 1978-79 academic year, two departments were created on the basis of the Department of General Physics - general physics and the methods of teaching physics and the department of general technical physics and general technical disciplines.

The Faculty of Geography with a Department of Ecology dates back to 1975, when the Department of Geography, Biology and Chemistry was opened as part of the Faculty of Philology. Six teachers worked at the department, four of them are candidates of science. And only a year later the natural-geographical faculty was formed, headed by the dean, c.b.s. S.K. Nurseitov. Two departments functioned at the faculty - “Biology and Chemistry” and “Geography”.

On September 1, 1978, another faculty was added to the three faculties - graphic art, the dean of which was B.Zh.Shakhanov. Two departments “General technical disciplines and labour” and “Fine arts and drawing” worked at the faculty.

The first teachers of the newly opened university were young specialists and candidates of sciences from Moscow, Leningrad, Karaganda, Almaty and other cities of the former Soviet Union who came to our region.

The Humanities and Pedagogical Institute was established on March 19, 2005 by order of the rector of ZhezU No. 26.

Currently, the director of the HPI is c.t.s., associate professor Abiyev B.K.

Students study in full-time and distance learning. Training is conducted in 4 languages: Kazakh, Russian, English and German.

GPI has implemented a continuing education system. Our graduates have the opportunity to continue their studies in the master's degree. Master's degree is in the speciality “Pedagogy and Psychology”. 

The institute has 4 departments:

  • Kazakh language and literature
  • Pedagogy, psychology and philology
  • Creative educational programs
  • Natural Science

Departments provide graduation of bachelors in 12 specialities:

  • 6В01201 - Preschool training and education
  • 6В01301 - Pedagogy and methods of primary teaching
  • 6В01401 - Fine art and drawing   
  • 6В01402 - Physical education and sport
  • 6В01403 - Professional training
  • 6В01501 - Mathematics
  • 6В01502 - Physics
  • 6В01503 - Informatics
  • 6В01506 - Biology
  • 6В01701 - Kazakh language and literature
  • 6В01704 - Russian language and literature
  • 6В01702 - Foreign language: twoforeign languages (English and German)