Ethnographic Museum of the

Humanitarian Pedagogical Institute

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         Museums are the “grand commemorative book of mankind”, an unusually complex social phenomenon, where thought and word, science and art, the spiritual life of an individual and the whole society, the whole immense world of cultural values merge together.

         Initially, on February 2, 1999, the museum was presented as an exhibition hall of the diploma works of the department of «Fine Art and Design», later, in 2000, on the celebration of Nauryz, the administration decided to rename it to the «Ethnographic Museum of Zhezkazgan Baikonurov University»

The main task of the museum is to preserve the magnificent historical heritage, to demonstrate to the current generation the traditions and culture of the nomadic people, the skill of creating national products for household.

etno muz-01   etno muz-02  

Housewares of nomadic Kazakh settlements

The ethnographic museum is decorated in the style of the Kazakh national yurt. Above the ceiling is shanyrak - a symbol of the common house, hospitality of the Kazakh people. And in the central part of the hall there is one of the oldest national musical instruments - kobyz. Kobyz is the progenitor of bowed string instruments.

etno muz-03

National Musical Instrument - Kobyz 

etno muz-04   etno muz-05

Kazakh national clothes and headwears


Around kobyz there are graduation works of students of the department "Fine Arts and Design," as well as men's and women's national clothes. The base of the ethnographic museum is constantly updated.

etno muz-06   etno muz-07

Chests made of wood and horse saddle made

by students of the department of "Fine Art and Design"



The museum is located in the building of Zhezu No. 5

Zhezkazgan, Anarkulov st., 11.